SWDC Ballet Masters Program



***Our Ballet Masters Level 3 dancers ready to perform excerpts from the Nutcracker in the 2016 Winter Show***

We are looking forward to the next season for our Ballet Masters Program (BMP). We invite you to join our amazing faculty and look forward to another great year for our dancers.

Our Ballet Masters faculty includes:

We have expanded our levels and class offerings. Classes this year include:

  • Levels 1-5 and PreProfessional
  • Intro to Pointe (ages 10+)
  • Pointe (levels 4, 5, & PreProfessional)
  • Men’s Ballet

Please check our schedule HERE for class times, levels and ages. 

We have added more classes to our BMP program to maintain student/teacher ratios at optimal levels and ensure students are getting the best possible training. Please follow the age ranges when registering for classes but final class placement is at the discretion of the instructor. All dancers new to pointe or new to point at SWDC need to begin in the Intro to Pointe class on Thursdays at 4:00pm.   

All BMP dancers are required to take two ballet classes per week in their level. Dancers Level 3+ have an added pointe class. 

There are additional costs associated with this elite level of instruction. BMP enrollment requires an additional cost per month- $35/dancer for Levels 1-2 and $55/dancer for Levels 3+. Please contact the studio if you are interested in participating in this program.



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