First Steps at SWDC

Our first steps program is a great place for little ones to start. Our First Steps program  is designed to be an introduction to the basics of dance in a fun & nurturing environment. Our first Steps program is offered in sessions- 6 weeks with one 8 week performance session in April/May/June- or you can sign up your dancer for the full year through the monthly tuition program.

Our youngest dancers can take classes in ballet, tap and hip hop! Contact the studio at 970.225.1611 to reserve your space!

  • Session 1: November 6,13, 27 December 4, 11, 18 (6 week session)
  • Session 2: January 8, 15, 22, 29 February 5, 12 (6 week session)
  • Session 3: February 19, 26 March 5, 19, 26 April 2 (6 week session)
  • Session 4: April 9, 16, 23, 30, May 7, 14, 21 & June 4 (8 week session)

We have these classes offered for our First Steps Program as sessions or on the traditional 10 month dance program:

  • Monday 5:00 First Steps Ballet ages 3-5 $55 (Session 4- $100)
  • Monday 5:30 First Steps Tap ages 3-5 $55 (Session 4- $100)
  • Thursday 10:00-10:30am First Steps Ballet ages 3-5 $55 (Session 4- $100)
  • Thursday 10:30-11:00am First Steps Tap ages 3-5 $55 (Session 4- $100)
  • Thursday 4:30-5:00 First Steps Hip Hop ages 3-5 $55 (Session 4- $100)

We also offer the following First Steps classes in our traditional 10 month dance program:

  • Monday 10:00 am First Steps Ballet ages 3-5 
  • Monday 10:30 am First Steps Tap ages 3-5 
  • Tuesday 4:00 First Steps Ballet ages 3-5 
  • Tuesday 4:30 First Steps Tap ages 3-5 



Why First Steps at SWDC?


We are confident your dancer’s first steps should be with Studio West Dance Center.

Exposure to dance & performance gives young children another way to express their emotions through storytelling plu reap the benefits of moving their bodies through a physical artform.

Dance classes for preschool age improve so many aspects of their physical, emotional and social well being! Here are just some of the benefit dance classes provide:


  1. Improves Physical Health: Dance is a physical activity and it’s one that focuses on the entire body so its great for TOTAL body fitness.
  2. Provides Opportunities For Socialization: Dance can help improve social and communication skills in class. And it can help reduce fears and teach children to be comfortable in front of a crowd.
  3. Room for Self Expression: The emphasis on self-expression in dance separates it from other forms of physical activity. Dance gives children the freedom to simply be themselves and be proud of that.
  4. Provides Education & Discipline: Children practice their memorization skills while learning their choreography. And dance is the perfect mixture of fun & discipline. These skills spill over into all aspects of their learning.
  5. Can Improve Self Esteem: As children learn more about dance and adjust to movement, they will start to gain a better sense of their bodies that will allow them to feel more comfortable in their own skin. The more comfortable a child feels the easier it will be for them to develop and maintain confidence.

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  • SWDC is leaping into the 2019 competition season! Our 2018 season rocked. Dont miss your opportunity to audition and work with these amazing dancers, choreographers and faculty this Saturday and Sunday! We will see you on the dance floor!

Ages 13+ Saturday 10-2
(All interested in tap ages 9+ 1:00)
Ages 9-12 Saturday 3-6
Ages 5-8 Sunday 12:30-2
  • April Showers Bring May Flowers...Happy May Day from SWDC! Our inaugural SWDC Ambassader program has been out of this world! From LA, to a holiday homeless gear drive to brightening up a senior center with 60 May Day baskets we have grown,  we have shared, we have given, and we have received! Plant flowers in others gardens and your life becomes a bouquet~author unkown❤❤❤ #art for change
  • A huge congratulations goes out to our little  Ms. Emily Carpenter on her commitment to Point Park University. Oh boy has it been a joy to have you in our lives, your spirit has an unrivaled presence. You have such a power to be able to walk into a room and create a positive atmosphere. Thank you so much for gifting us with your wonderful spirit, forever will it be with us as your legacy. This very quality will take you anywhere you want. We love you ❤️

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