Recital Fees

All of our dancers have the opportunity to perform on stage each year in our spring recital. At the time of enrollment, there is a $60 recital fee per family to be paid for the Spring recital.  Spring recitals will be held at the Lincoln Center and the recital fee helps to cover the costs associated with the rental of the theatre and production of the show. Tickets can be purchased from the Lincoln Center Box Office.

Costume Fees

We try to keep our costume fees as reasonable as possible.  There will be a $75 costume fee per class for all classes.  ALL Ballet/Tap combo classes will have a $85 costume fee as they will perform two dances (one ballet and one tap). Costume and recital fees will be due by February 1st for dancers who enroll at the spring semester.

These costume fees will be posted October 15th. Families may choose to pay the balance in October or set up a payment plan however all costume fees must be paid by November 1st.

The lead time for costume orders is very long and we need to collect fees promptly so that we can order early.  MOST of the time, these costume fees are sufficient and there would not be any additional balance.  However, sometimes costumes will cost a little more than we anticipate.  Should costume(s) cost more than the initial fee, the remaining balance would be due  in February.

Dancers will not receive their recital costumes until balances are paid in full. ***A $10 late fee will be assessed  for each posted costume that is paid later than Feb. 1st***