Studio West Dance Center Mission

Studio West Dance Center opened in 2006 and is dedicated to offering classes with a high standard of dance technique, style, artistry,and performance. Our goal is to help students develop a positive self-image physically and artistically in an innovative and fun atmosphere.


SWDC History

Founder and Owner Jennifer Knostman has been dancing for over 46 years with over 30 years teaching and choreography experience. Ms. Knostman was active in theatre, movies and forensics since a young age which rounds out her artistic ability. Her studies have taken her from Kansas to England, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, California, Nevada, New York and Colorado. Touring, teaching and competing led to many individual and company recognitions over the years. As a member of Dance Masters and through participation in dance conferences she has stayed up to date in all areas of dance and instruction. Being a dancer, who started at the age of three, her passion for teaching and choreography developed as early as junior high school. This passion continued through college while attending Kansas State University where she taught dance with the Washington Dance Studio. With an extensive background in dance, a degree from KSU, ten years experience as a Retail Visual Merchandiser and working as a Buyer and Assistant Manager of J Pitner Clothing Co., she gained the business background to run a successful dance studio. This year Jennifer is excited to use her retail management experience to open En Location- A Dance & Body Wear Boutique.

Studio West Dance Center (SWDC) was established in 2006. The name came from Jennifer’s favorite movie growing up, West Side Story. No matter the time of day West Side Story was on, Jennifer would watch and dance along. The movie has remained an inspiration all of her life. SWDC has grown from 50 students in the early days to over 300swdcgroups2011-051. SWDC also has a successful Ensemble Competition team that has grown from a handful of dancers competing 3 pieces in 2006 to a team over 50 dancers strong. Ranging from ages four to eighteen, these dancers compete in almost 60 different pieces including large & small groups, solos, duets and trios.

Studio West Dance Center also offers personalized and professionalized dance instruction/consultation and attention to each family’s personal needs. Studio West Dance Center is a family environment and families are welcome to stay to watch their dancers, read and relax for a moment, and let younger siblings explore.

Latest Instagram

  • This is how excited we are for the new fall semester! We want to dance with YOU! Register for your fall semester at SWDC. Fall dance classes start August 20th. Call us now at 970.225.1611 or email us at and we will get your registered ASAP! 📸: @skysopendesign #weareswdc #swdclove #fortcollins #colorado #dancelessons #northerncolorado #lifelessons #focoart
  • It's time to get down to business and register for your fall semester at SWDC! Fall dance classes start August 20th! Call us now at 970.225.1611 or email us at and we will get your registered ASAP! 📸: @skysopendesign #weareswdc #swdclove #fortcollins #colorado #dancelessons #northerncolorado #lifelessons #focoart
  • Have we mentioned that our very own @harrisonknostman is now the senior outstanding male dancer for NYCDA!? No..... we just got to caught up in the moment itself! Congratulations young man, what a journey we have had. It brings peace to our hearts to know that as you step into this new phase of life you will have NYCDA beside you. Reminding you of who you have been, teaching you what you can be and inspiring you to use your artistic tools to create change in this world. Thank you NYCDA for your love and support you truly have changed our lives forever. 
@harrisonknostman we are so excited for you to have this opportunity to both further your own education and inspire dancers nationally to do the same. You will touch lives in ways you never dreamed. 
With out a doubt you will represent the SWDC way every time you take that stage. We are so proud of the dancer and man you have become now keep up the hard work and never forget the tools we have given you. #swdclove #weareswdc #swdcstrong #nycdanationals2018 #outstandingdancer #julliardschool #julliarddance #nycda
  • Our kids were busy this summer! Their hunger for knowledge is incredible and inspiring. This is how we know we are doing things right here at SWDC. With dancers attending over 10 dance education intensives this summer, we are sure that we have created the kind of individuals who will persevere in this industry. Individuals who are always hungry for more and are not scared of becoming self advocating. Our dancers attended: 
Dancerpalooza, NYCDA Nationals and NYCDA Summer Intensive, Boulder Ballet, Boulder Jazz, Julliard Summer Intensive, Soul Escape, Frida was assisting in Italy, Bodytraffic Intensive, Tap Festival! Dancers never let yourself down by becoming stagnant; the world is your oyster so seize the day and go for it. Knowledge is everywhere, you just have to want to find it! Be curious, it's a wonderful thing. #swdclove #weareswdc #nycda2018 #becurious #inspire
  • We survived Boot Camp 2018 and we are stronger than ever. What a great season of dance, joy and exploration we have ahead of us! Wouldn't rather do it with anyone else! Thanks to everyone who made it possible! #swdcstrong #swdclove #weareswdc #bootcamp #dancecamp #choreography #strongertogether

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