Class Descriptions

Most of our classes follow the following age groups.

  • Primary: age 6-8
  • Preparatory: 8-10
  • PreTeen: 11-12
  • Teen 13+

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Go Baby Go & Doodlebugs

This class is designed for two’s on the groove. It is a unique blend of ballet, movement, music and story time. Students will learn the basics of ballet, core balance and rhythms while reinforcing behavioral skills such as sharing, taking turns, following directions, listening and social skills. Your child’s first experience of the arts will be in a positive, constructive, nurturing environment. Be sure to bring your imagination.


Available for ages 3-10. Designed to expose children to a well rounded first dance experience. Focusing on basic movement and dance skills to develop coordination, balance, musicality, timing and flexibility. Beginning ballet and tap  technique is introduced in this class and students are taught basic vocabulary and will do barre work. Fun upbeat children’s music will be used and some great classical music will be incorporated. Proper technique and execution will be enforced all while having a great time moving to music.


Ballet class is the technical foundation of most other dance genres, and we like to encourage our students to study ballet in addition to their other classes. Our ballet classes stress proper technique at the barre and center floor, with an emphasis on correct body placement, strength and flexibility. Students learn not only correct technique, but also correct terminology. We teach classical ballet based on the Cecchetti and Vaganova method.

Ballet Masters Program

Ballet Masters Program (BMP) is an advanced ballet program taught by Brianna Furnish & Radoslaw Kokoszka, founders of the Ballet Renaissance, Detroit . The Ballet Masters Program is designed for the serious dancer and placement is at the discretion of the director. Dancers in the BMP are required to take at least 2 ballet classes besides their masters class for a total of at least 3 ballet classes. There are additional cost associated with this elite level of instruction. Please contact the studio if you are interested in participating in this program.


Students will study a broad range of jazz styles, including; Broadway, classical jazz, Fosse, jazz funk, etc. All levels will explore different aspects of Jazz styles and music. Developing technique, style and bringing originality and energy to their dance will be emphasized

Tap Class

Tap is all about rhythm, footwork and taking dance beyond the visual to the auditory, using your feet as a percussive “instrument” to create sounds as you dance. Key elements in tap class are timing, rhythm and musicality. A variety of music is used, although at times we dance a cappella (with no musical accompaniment) to better hear the sounds we are making with our feet. We incorporate various tap styles into our tap classes, including Broadway tap and Tap Funk.

Lyrical & Contemporary

Lyrical is a ballet-based dance genre with an emphasis on balance, control and extension. It is expressive, emotional and interpretive. The name “lyrical” comes from the work “lyric” since the dance form is about expressing the lyrics and emotion of the music. Contemporary has influences from modern dance, jazz and ballet with an emphasis on isolation. Because both styles are technical in nature with a strong ballet foundation, students are required to have prior ballet training.



Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a form of street dance, featuring popping and locking, body isolations, and current popular moves. It is related to Jazz, but with a less technical foundation and more of a freestyle feel. Hip-hop music, pop music, and rap music are used in class and we are diligent about making sure the lyrics and movements are “clean”. Our hip-hop classes cover a range of hip-hop styles, including East Coast, West Coast, Jazz Funk, and Krumping, with a little classic jazz thrown in to strengthen technique.


Dancing or bboying/bgirl is a blend of martial arts, streetdance and tumbling. In this class you will build your strength, stamina and flexibility as you learn uprocks (dancing on your feet) and footwork (dancing on your hands and feet). Freezes, power moves, tricks and battling are all part of being a true bboy/bgirl.

Advanced Jazz /Funk

A unique blend of Jazz technique fused with a little funk.

Progressions & Technique

These are purely technique classes and do not perform in the winter or spring shows

Musical Theatre

Musical Theater is a fun class for all age groups directed towards learning a new musical number each semester. Students will learn about the musical and its history. Learn how to sing along and lip sinc. This class is great for students to learn a little acting, portraying a character and building a little self confidence with performing. So if you have lots of energy and want to join a class with song and dance, then this is the class for you!


Modern is the perfect class for the student who wishes to increase their flexibility, their strength and balance. The style of modern we will be studying is Horton. Horton is all about making long lines with the body and focusing solely on the core of the body. Modern dance is a technique based style with parallel lines, contractions and organic movement (think opposite of ballet). Modern is a key factor in developing your abilities in becoming a versatile dancer, so give modern a try and see what you think


Become part of a larger growing national community of Competitive Dance right here in Ft Collins at SWDC. It is an exciting time for competitive dance in this country. SWDC has been actively competing with our ensemble/competition team regionally and nationally since 2006. Our team ranges in age 4 to 18. Ensemble dancers train in studio a minimum of six hours in all dance styles. We are fortunate to have nationally recognized dance organizations travel through Denver that we participate inincluding; Celebrity Dance Competition, International Dance Challenge, Kids Artisitic Review or KAR, Adrenaline, Jump, Monsters of Hip Hop, NRG Dance Project, Spotlight, Nuvo and more. We have the privilege of training with outstanding instructors/choreographers including; Napolean and Tabitha Dumo from “So You Think You Can Dance” fame, Dave Scott, Twitch, Kevin Maher, Tony and Dominic Testa, Rhapsody, Jamal Sims, Chonique, Luther Brown, Poppin Pete, Teresa Espinoza, Jeremy Keaton, Caroline Lewis, Lauren Adams, Marty Kudella, Matt Cady, Sonya Tayeh, MUSE with Jessica Starr and Company and more. Our dancers participate in the community by performing at the Hip Hop Expo promoting no tolerance for tobacco use by youth, Monsters of Hip Hop Showcase, CSU Homecoming, Ft Collins St Patrick’s Day, Tri-Media Film Festival, New West Fest Bohemian Nights, and the Colorado Ice. A number of our dancers have performed in local theatre including; the Carousel Dinner Theatre at Mid-Town.

College and Adult Classes

Always had a passion for dance and never had the chance? Or are you a veteran and want to keep up on your skills? Our college/adult classes will allow you to explore your passion as well as move forward with your dance techniques.