Ballet Masters

Our "Ballet Masters" program is for those seeking advanced ballet lessons in Fort Collins. Our expert trainers are heavily involved in the world of ballet on a global scale and bring the latest techniques home to our dancers.

All dancers enrolled in the Ballet Masters Program (except BMP Prep course) are required to take a minimum of 2 BMP ballet classes per week at their level. BMP dancers may take pointe with instructor approval.

Ballet Masters students get additional performance opportunities with our annual “abridged” Nutcracker during the holiday season.


Our Ballet Masters faculty includes:

  • Jennifer Knostman
  • Kathy Vreeland


Please follow the age ranges when registering for classes, but final class placement is at the discretion of the instructor. All dancers new to pointe (or new to pointe at SWDC) will be tested in class for appropriate level placement.


Class Schedule


  • Petite Ballet Masters


  • Mini/Int Ballet Masters


  • Mini/Int Ballet Masters/Pre Pointe



  • NG/YA Ballet Masters


  • NG/YA BM Pointe



  • Mini/Int Ballet Masters


  • NG/YA Ballet Masters*



Girls: Pink ballet shoes are required along with a black leotard and pink tights. Hair should be pulled back in a bun and no jewelry.

Boys: Black ballet tights, white tank top, black leather ballet shoes and men’s dance belt.


Teacher code TP42298 for discount!

Tuition & Fees

We offer a substantial discount in the form of a flat monthly tuition rate for multiple & unlimited classes.

Monthly Fees

1 Class (30 Min)


1 Class (45 Min)


1 Class (60 Min)


1 Class (90 Min)


1 Class (120 Min)


Multi-Class Discounts

(This tuition will be figured by family rate or per class tuition, whichever rate is less)

1 Dancer

5-7 Hours: $30 each

(standard $70 rate applies to first 4 hours)

1 Dancer

8+ Classes

$375 flat rate

Family Plan (2+ Dancer)

5+ Classes (each dancer)

$665 flat rate