Ensemble Team

Become part of a larger growing national community of competitive dance right here in Fort Collins at Studio West Dance Center. It is an exciting time for competitive dance in this country. SWDC has been actively competing with our ensemble/competition team regionally and nationally since 2008.

Auditions for SWDC Ensemble Team were held in June 2023 for the 2023-2024 season. Auditions for next season will be held on June 1st, 2024. There will be an informational meeting for parents on May 17th, 2023.  More information will be posted here on how to apply early next year, stay tuned!

Please call 970-225-1611 or contact us for more information about our award winning performance team.


Competitive Dance in Fort Collins

Studio West Dance Center’s Ensemble Team is committed to developing the “all-’round” dancer. Let our national award winning team and faculty take the more serious dancer who is looking to push their talents forward as well as grow their performance artistry to the next level.

Our program will navigate the artist from the ages of 4-18 through the competition/convention dance world and bridge them to the best college dance programs, to film and television, cruise ships, contemporary companies, music videos and world tours. Your dancer will train anywhere from 5-15+ hours per week in an all inclusive program of Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary and more. SWDC’s in house training, in conjunction with conventions, master classes, travel, and intensives is the ultimate all-’round dance experience.

Our Core Values

  • We are committed to cultivating the next generation of artists and HUMANS.
  • We believe dance skills are life skills.
  • We expect our dancers to win humbly and lose gracefully.
  • We believe we are the sum of all our experiences so let’s make this the best.
  • We will nurture our dancers to exhibit self discipline, personal accountability, teamwork, and the skills and confidence that will help them succeed wherever they go with love and kindness.


For more information please email Jennifer@swdcfc.com.


Black cami, tank or sports bra and black dance shorts or pants are required. Appropriate footwear for each style is also required.

Teacher code TP42298 for discount!
Below are some of the Conventions the SWDC Ensemble Team has attended, both locally and nationally:

Tuition & Fees

We offer a substantial discount in the form of a flat monthly tuition rate for multiple & unlimited classes.

Monthly Fees

1 Class (30 Min)


1 Class (45 Min)


1 Class (60 Min)


1 Class (90 Min)


1 Class (120 Min)


Multi-Class Discounts

(This tuition will be figured by family rate or per class tuition, whichever rate is less)

1 Dancer

5-7 Hours: $30 each

(standard $70 rate applies to first 4 hours)

1 Dancer

8+ Classes

$375 flat rate

Family Plan (2+ Dancer)

5+ Classes (each dancer)

$665 flat rate