Recital Fees

All of our dancers have the opportunity to perform on stage each year in our spring recital. At the time of enrollment, there is a $60 recital fee per family to be paid for the Spring recital.  Spring recitals will be held at the Lincoln Center and the recital fee helps to cover the costs associated with the rental of the theatre and production of the show. Tickets can be purchased from the Lincoln Center Box Office.

Costume Fees

I understand that by enrolling my child/ren in dance class, I am committing to pay for costumes for their
performance in the spring recital. To that end, there will be a costume fee per class posted by October 1st. Costume Fees
will be due October 31st for fall enrollees and at time of enrollment if after October 31st. The fee will be $75 for all classes,
except BMP with is $85. For the vast majority of classes, this fee will be sufficient but in a few cases, such as BMP
costumes, there may be a remaining costume balance which would be due in February.  Dancers will not receive their
costumes until all balances are paid in full.

**Ballet masters costumes may run on a different fee structure. Dancers on pointe will have an additional $85 costume fee.

***A $10 late fee for each posted costume will be assessed if paid later than Dec. 1st***
***All dancers enrolling after October 31st are required to pay all fees (costume and recital) at time of enrollment.

Dancers will not receive their recital costumes until balances are paid in full.